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Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is the most popular and well-accepted form of body modification all over the world. Its history dates back to the times earlier then 5 000 years ago. Ancient civilizations and up-to-date tribes have been practicing ear piercing in their culture as a sign of luxury and wealth or because of some religious believes. Ear piercing fashion has been changing a lot through the times and greatly spread in the 80es of the last century due to the rappers’ popularity, who had widely used ear piercing to define themselves as a new cultural phenomenon.

jewels-earrings-helix-piercing-hoop-earrings-silver-earring-spike-earring-piercings-ear-cuffIn modern society ear piercing performs only esthetic function of adorning, bearing no symbolic meaning. It is popular with men as well as with women, especially with the young and most advanced people. The increasing variety of the ear piercing has given a boom to the jewelry production and different wonderful earrings are being designed for men and women to express their own personality.

Ear piercing differs according to the part of the cartilage that is pierced. There are such types as: rook piercing, orbital piercing, tragus piercing, antitragus piercing, industrial piercing, daith piercing, conch piercing, lobe piercing, helix piercing and so on. Let’s describe some of them.

Helix is the most popular type of ear piercing where the upper ear is punctured at the rim. Multiple helix piercings are definitely in trend nowadays. It makes jewelry pattern (colorful or blind) look really cool. Helix piercing is in the favor both with men and women and keeps leading position of today’s fashion.

industrial piercingIndustrial piercing is just like two helix punches that are linked together with a barbell earring (a single long piece of jewelry which has metal balls at each end to prevent it from slipping out). Mostly one punch is made on the ear ridge and another one in the bottom that creates the appearance of a rod across the whole length of the ear. Industrial piercing has shown signs of increasing popularity lately as it is one of the most noticeable types of ear piercing.

Rook piercing occurs at the ear’s antihelix which is the cartilage fold in the top part of the ear separating outer and inner conch. Ears without this fold cannot carry it out. A bar or ring jewelry is worn at this placement. You can easily hide this piercing if necessary.

Daith is a perforation that occurs in the inner part of the cartilage just above the ear passage. Thin wired jewelry is used for this kind of piercing, normally a stud or ring.

Conch Piercing with Gold Twister BarbellThe bowl-shaped part in the middle of the ear is the conch. In fact there are two conches: the inner and the outer conch. The inner one is perforated at the center of the ear’s cartilage. The outer conch is pierced at the outer cartilage of the ear. It must be performed at the flat part of the ear, otherwise if it is done at the curled area it will be the helix piercing already but not the conch one and they should not be confused. Usually it is one piercing with one jewelry item inserted through it.

Tragus is a small cartilage flap located at the ear canal opening. This place is very delicate, so if going for the tragus piercing, keep earphones away for some period as this can cause infection and irritation. Opposite to the tragus the antitragus is found.

The lobe is probably the most common part of the ear that is being punctured. It is the softest, the most painless and the biggest area at the bottom of the ear. That’s why the lobe piercing is the most popular one. People have been practicing it at all times and in all communities. The largest choice of earrings of different lengths, colors and designs is available for this type of piercing. Multiple and stretched piercings are the newest variations of the ear lobe piercing trends.

Ear PiercingAs well as a great number of ear piercing places exist there is also a huge choice of different earrings. In fact there is no jewelry for piercing which could not be used for adorning one’s ear. To pierce a lobe or ear cartilage one can use flesh tunnels, plugs, captive bead rings, barbells, circular barbells, studs, labrets, talons, pinchers, tusks, twisters and many other standard or unordinary types of earrings. You may think of your own combination of several pieces. For instance, at our store there is a plenty of barbells for industrial piercing of different forms and colors, which together with some of our tunnels will make your ear look more attractive.

There is a great variety of materials for ear piercing jewelry production including titanium, stainless steel, acrylics, glass, wood, and other materials that could be decorated with precious stones. But the most popular ones are precious metals: solid gold and sterling silver.

You will be pleased to find all kinds of ear piercing jewelry at our store. We are working to provide you with a wide choice, high quality and available prices of all our products on sale.

Ear piercing is the most popular and well-accepted form of body modification all over the world. Its history dates back to the times earlier then 5 000 years ago. Ancient civilizations and...