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Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing is considered to be unisex body modification as it surely fits both to men and women. This fact raises its popularity among young people to the level of ear piercing, nose piercing and navel piercing which have been more commonly accepted till recent twenty years.

eyebrow piercingUnlike nose piercing, which was first recorded in the Middle East approximately 4,000 years ago, eyebrow piercing is relatively modern. A possible reason this type of piercing hasn’t been around for a long time is that it can be very problematic and difficult to heal. The eyebrow piercing turned up in the 80es as a fashion trend of the punk subculture. Chuck Mosley, the front-man of the band "Faith No More", was one of the first public people who made the eyebrow piercing, which promoted a huge popularity rise of this very type of punctures in the West.

The eyebrow piercing is a puncture at any place along the eyebrow line for wearing jewelry. According to the piercing position one may go for the vertical, horizontal, cross-eyebrow (diagonal) piercing. The anti-eyebrow piercing is a type of the surface facial piercing that is performed under the eye. The eyebrow piercing can be also one-sided or two-sided (that is at one or both of the brows); single or multiple perforations; above, under and at the very line of the eyebrow (for horizontal punctures).

anti eyebrow piercingIf done by professionals the eyebrow piercing is safe at any area along the brow. However it is better to be pierced at the place between the centre of the eyebrow and its outer edge. Closer to the nose bridge the supra-orbital nerves cluster is found and there is a risk to damage it when perforated not properly.

Today the location of the eyebrow piercing doesn’t matter and has no symbolic meaning. Its placement depends only on a personal preference and accentuates attention on the upper face and eyes. To make the eyes seem wider-set the puncture is performed on the outer third of the eyebrow. If willing to add more seriousness to the face expression, it must be pierced closer to the nose bridge.

At our store you will find a large choice of the eyebrow piercing accessories of various colors and designs. These jewelries are divided into the main groups of barbells and rings. The barbell group is represented with curved barbells, spiral barbells (twisters) and circular barbells. The captive bead rings may be the following ones: ball rings, seamless rings and segment rings. Each of these products is performed in many variations: with balls, cones, stars, flowers, cubes, butterflies, letters, symbols, precious stones, with dangling jeweled elements and so on. Different combinations of punctures and the eyebrow piercing jewelry are available for wearers to please their tastes and wishes.

eyebrow piercingBefore choosing a desirable item for the eyebrow piercing great attention should be paid to the size, form and material. It is definitely recommended to start with some captive bead ring or with a small barbell. Healing process usually takes 4-6 weeks. Avoid touching the brow when sleeping, dressing or making your hair-do at this period as it may cause certain complications. As soon as your piercing has completely recovered, you may change your jewelry for more attractive and ornate one.

To avoid complications professional piercers advise to wear jewelry of highly qualified materials. Within this section we suggest you to buy accessories of the most common hypo-allergenic metals such as gold (not less than 14-Karat), titanium and 316L surgical stainless steel.

At our Online Piercing Shop you are able to find some wonderful eyebrow jewelry to your taste and style, which will surely draw people’s attention to your unordinary and modern personality.

Eyebrow piercing is considered to be unisex body modification as it surely fits both to men and women. This fact raises its popularity among young people to the level of ear piercing, nose...