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The only one and the same desire to get his or her belly button pierced may be caused by so many various reasons as many different people go for the navel piercing in fact. Some navel piercing wearers express their outlook and style in such a way, some mark significant events of their life by getting this kind of piercing, some want to decorate their body with semi-hidden and semi-public jewelry. But everybody agrees that the navel (or the belly button) piercing is one of the most sexually exciting, being at the same time commonly accepted by representatives of any generation in any society.

navel piercingThe navel piercing was stated to be a sign of royalty in the Egyptian and Arabic cultures. It was a privilege of Pharaohs and aristocrats and also was performed as a symbol of ritual transition to the eternal life. For hundreds of years a bejeweled belly was found extremely erotic but the actual belly button piercing entered mainstream culture after the bikini boom in the 1950s. Pop culture, cinema stars and fashion shows models soon popularized it further on.

So, it’s not surprising that in present times this body adornment has become preferable especially among teenage girls. The spark of a flaring gem on a bare midriff creates a unique appearance and looks very sensual on a well-toned belly. You might be one of those fashion-conscious people who are brave enough to go for piercings and amaze everybody with their intriguing belly button ornaments. However, when you need to observe your dress-code, you may easily conceal your navel piercing jewelry with clothes and it will cause you no troubles at all. Though the navel piercing is quite popular with women, men also like to get their navels pierced to accentuate their washboard stomachs.

Fitting to a huge jewelry choice of various styles and designs, belly button piercing is diverse itself as well. It is a puncture which is done in or around the navel. Regardless the name, a true (or actual navel) is not usually pierced. Getting a perforation through the center of the belly button can be an option only for those who have so-called outie navel and happens quite rare. The most general techniques involve vertical and horizontal punctures anywhere around the navel and some multiple combinations.

navel piercingThrough the top ridge of the belly button is the most often placement and is called the upper vertical navel piercing. When the lower vertical navel piercing is chosen the jewelry is inserted through the bottom ridge of the navel. If performing both of these types it is called a double navel piercing. So-called horizontal navel piercing is in fact a kind of the surface piercing and doesn’t pass through the belly button fold. It is traditionally done just below the navel in the combination with the standard vertical upper navel piercing. For decorative reason, some (but not all) individuals can have their belly button sides (left and/or right) pierced. To stand out of a crowd you may go for the triple and quadruple piercing types.

You may choose among so many options as many combinations you can imagine. And to please your creative taste for any of the navel piercing types our proposes a great variety of accessories. Traditionally belly button adorning decorations are available in forms of curved barbells. According to standards they are 1.6 mm (1/16") thick and 9.5 mm (3/8") or 11.1 mm (7/16") long and are most commonly referred to as a 14-gauge post. The silver caps on the barbell post usually measure 5mm in diameter for the upper and 8mm in diameter for the lower. Curved barbells are strongly recommended for the first time perforations and for the healing period. They remain the most preferable and common among other navel jewelry items. But also various types of captive bead rings and numerous sleeper rings (which are becoming more popularity in recent days) are used in the navel piercings as well.

belly button piercingAt our Navel Piercing Category you’ll see lots of new amazing and unexpected designs. It is a vast selection of gorgeous items, where you surely will find something for yourself or as a present for your friends. The metals used in the products which we display are only of high quality and include surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, solid 14k gold, high-grade titanium. Take a look and pay attention to simple and cute gems with jeweled ends of different forms or with funny acrylic balls of bright colors. These small and accurate pieces are practical in everyday life. They will definitely accent your body shapes.

A wide variety of dangling pendants – such as logos (humorous words or just letters), figures (of flowers, animals, people, hearts, butterflies, etc.), chains (sometimes you can see chains around the waist and that looks really rich and tempting), stones and even feathers – provides you with the ability to underline your unordinary and unique sense of fashion and individuality.

As you see, any type of look is possible to choose for your navel to suit your mood. Some styles are perfect for casual wearing and some are ideal for special events. Of the proper material and in the comfortable style it can be a wonderful fashionable statement of yours. So, be really creative with your navel piercing choice and have fun to purchase at!

The only one and the same desire to get his or her belly button pierced may be caused by so many various reasons as many different people go for the navel piercing in fact. Some navel piercing...