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Nipple Piercing

Today no one can deny that in the modern society a great attention is paid to people’s outer image and style as to the way of self-expression and self-presentation. Together with your inner worldview and your life style in general following the fashion helps to be advanced and more prominent and to stand out as an individual. In this very field piercing as a popular body modification art performs a great role.

body artAny type of the body piercing is used mostly for adorning oneself, but you may also make a kind of a personal statement by getting some specific place on your body pierced. Such types as the ear piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, lip piercing are visible and so more suitable for this purpose. But when thinking over some piercing type to get done onto your body you should take into account its possible pleasurable effect as well. Such piercings as the tongue piercing, navel piercing, nipple piercing and male/female genital piercing are found by their wearers the most sexually attractive, bringing enhancement and more colorful experiences into their intimate life.

If you do want to enrich your own physical sensitive experiences but are not too extreme for getting genital piercings the best option for you is the nipple piercing. At the present days this body adornment is becoming increasingly popular both as male and female piercing jewelry. Its practice is easy to trace in the Roman culture (though it has been known throughout the world since more ancient times) where warriors got their breasts decorated with nipple rings as a sign of their status, courage, strength and power.

nipple piercingThen women became interested in this decoration as well. However they used it only for aesthetic purpose as they noticed that breasts with pierced nipples looked more round-shaped and attractive. For this very reason the female nipple piercing revives in the 14th century and at the Victorian period when upper-class women hung chains on their pierced nipples to ornament their breasts and look more sexually appealing. In the late 1970es it boomed again as a part of the leather subcultures. But it gained the mainstream popularity in the 1990es due to the considerable media attention to celebrities who showed their piercings publicly or confessed to have such.

Though wearers of the both sexes consider the nipple piercing exiting and passionately stimulating, women go for it also because of some more benefit for their breasts beauty. Professionals say that flat or inverted nipples after being punctured may become enlarged. In spite of different worries the properly done nipple piercing doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding and, in some cases, may even enhance milk flow.

When the nipple piercing is performed a perforation is typically centered at the base of the nipple. It is possible at any angel but is usually done horizontally and less often vertically. You may choose single or multiple piercings. After the healing process is fully completed both men and women can stretch their nipple punctures to larger sizes. It also doesn’t matter which side to get pierced, moreover many people decide to adorn both of their breasts.

lauren nippleIf you have made up your mind to get your nipple (nipples) pierced you should think over the nipple piercing jewelry next. Barbells – which are of three types: curved barbells, straight barbells and circular barbells – are commonly used for decorating the nipples. Comparatively to segment rings, D-rings or captive bead rings, they make less pressure on the nipples and are more comfortable to wear during the recovering period. Further you can easily change them for another jewelry piece. Barbells and rings make your piercing elegant and intriguing to see and are titillating to wear. But if you want your nipple piercing to be an outstanding and prominent fashion statement, shields of different styles and designs are available for this purpose.

You are not limited to buy only classic-looking pieces. At our Nipple Piercing Category each type of nipple rings comes in a great range of shapes, colors, designs, additional dangling elements, etc. and will make your breasts appear different and unique. Besides we offer you an amazing selection of quality materials such as surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, gold, acrylic and others. ever-growing collection carries more than 900 nipple jewelry items. Whether your nipple punctures are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, you're sure to find a perfect nipple ring that'll work with your piercings here! Check out these pages, choose the preferable jewelry and make the best of your nipples with our awesome piercing rings collection!

Today no one can deny that in the modern society a great attention is paid to people’s outer image and style as to the way of self-expression and self-presentation. Together with your inner...