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Tongue Piercing

If you are interested in body piercings and looking for a new and more extreme way to enlarge your experience than think of getting your tongue pierced! In the contemporary society men and women, teenagers and young-adults of all races and social classes consider it trendy and sexually attractive.

tongue pierced chamomileThis adorning has ancient antecedents, which are found in spiritual rituals of tribal cultures throughout the world (among Aztecs and Mayas in particular). But the tongue piercing as an art emerged in the North America in the 1980es with the spreading of carnival performers’ sideshows and gained in popularity in the 1990es with the rise of body-modification practice.

Today piercing the tongue is becoming socially acceptable and such labels as "freaks" or "outcasts" doesn’t refer to the wearers of this decoration any more. In spite of different social misconceptions the most common reason to get this type of body piercing is that it looks and feels good. While some people go for the oral piercings because of desired pleasurable effect, others mean piercing to be additions to their body for their own personal beautification. The distinctive feature of the tongue piercing jewelry is its convenience as it may be both half-private and half-public and is easy to hide when necessary. The decision to wear piercing on this part of the body is a personal statement which is made to represent the unordinary and adventures personality of yours.

tongue piercingSo, what does the tongue piercing look like? The tongue is a body organ that is the fastest to heal. It may be punctured in several locations, which is essentially to be done by professional piercers. The most popular and the safest type of the tongue perforations is a standard tongue piercing. One hole is usually performed just through the center of the tongue. To your desire some alternative placements may be chosen anywhere from the tip to the back, to the left or to the right of the tongue midline.

The two punctures placed horizontally side by side are called venom bites. When the piercing goes horizontally through the tongue tip it is a snake-eyes piercing. Many people opt to get multiple piercings which may be either horizontal or vertical. One more eccentric tongue piercing is a frenulum piercing. A lingual frenulum, or "webbing", to define, is a thin strip of tissue that connects the tongue itself and the bottom of the mouth. Some extra-admirers of the body modifications decide to get their tongues splitted, which leads them to a great variety of the tongue piercings jewelry as well. As the first step to splitting, one may use stretching tongue piercings.

tongue surface piercingAny type of the tongue punctures requires the proper jewelry items and we propose you a huge selection of them at our Online Piercing Shop. Generally a straight barbell is used, but piercers will also advise you a curved barbell, long (industrial) barbell or a captive bead ring according to a piercing position, your anatomy peculiarities and your preferences. The initial jewelry to be pierced with is, however, a prolonged barbell because of the temporary minimal swelling of the tongue. It is crucial to change it for the shorter and more fitting one after the healing process is complete to avoid possible teeth and gums damage. Taking into the account frequent movements of the tongue jewelry size, material and personal comfort are extremely important. Healing time is short enough if you don't play with your jewelry piece, have proper oral hygiene, don’t drink any alcohol and don't smoke for a while.

Tongue rings are usually made of metal or bioplast materials. There can be also a combination of a basic metal with some acrylic decorative elements which, because of being more gentle, can prevent teeth off chipping. Bioplast or lucite jewelry items are used for the oral piercing retainers. The tongue jewelry may be produced of white or yellow gold, stainless steel or titanium. We offer the latest and the most fashionable tongue piercing jewelry pieces of the highest quality materials only.

tongue piercingAt our Tongue Piercing Category you will certainly find any tongue piercing items you wish: with balls, flowers, butterflies, dragons or any other interesting cute and cool figures, with cones, cubes, spikes, hearts, with precious stones and white pearls at the top, with logos or other symbols and the like. The amazing range of colors and shapes together with the available prices will respond to everybody’s taste and satisfy everybody’s demands.

It is also very easy to refuse and get rid of the tongue piercing, because of this organ fast healing ability. As soon as the jewelry is removed, the puncture begins to close rather quickly. A scar may or may not be left afterwards. Retainers are used to keep the hole open if you are not able to wear your favorite tongue ring for some time. As they are all small, flesh-colored or clear, one-piece and flat on the top, our retainers are invisible and convenient for hiding the fact that your tongue is pierced.

Take a look at our tongue piercing collection – and be actually surprised at how many options you have here. Be creative and underline your awesome sense of the body modification style with some of our tongue piercing jewelry!

If you are interested in body piercings and looking for a new and more extreme way to enlarge your experience than think of getting your tongue pierced! In the contemporary society men and...