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Nose Piercing

When speaking about piercing not only the ear piercing comes to our mind first, but the nose piercing also occurs to us at once. And it is not surprising as the nose piercing has been a part of traditional cultural life for thousands of years. nostril piercingThis practice was common for the society of ancient Asia (especially it is associated with India), Australian Aboriginals, American Indians and African tribes. For these cultures the nose piercing still has definite symbolic meaning. In India, for instance, a pierced nose for women is a sign of marriage and is considered to help when giving birth to a child.

In the Western culture the nose piercing first emerged in the late 60es with a rise of the hippie movement. But only since the last two decades the nose piercing has got a vast popularity in the West. Presently, it takes the second place among the most-popular body piercing types (after the ear piercing) often being chosen by teens and young adults. The nose piercing is much more acceptable than the eyebrow piercing or tongue piercing.

Today people go for the nose piercing to underline their individuality, expressing their life style and attitudes towards what they consider modern and attractive. The nose piercing draws attention to the face and can be either a small and cute decoration or quite an impressive addition to your image. As the nose piercing is a perforation of skin or cartilage of any part of the nose, the several variants of its placement exist and different types of the nose piercing jewelry are possible for wearing both for men and women.

nostril piercingThe following three types are the most preferable: the Nostril, Septum and Bridge piercing. More rarely it happens to see somebody having the Nasallang or Vertical Nose Tip piercing or others. Besides some admirers of the nose piercing may wear the multiple piercing (consisting of several nose punctures).

The Nostril piercing is a puncture located somewhere at the rim of the left or right nostril (or on the both sides of the nose). It doesn’t matter which side to pierce. It is just to your own desire. The most popular jewelry pieces to start with when getting the nose piercing are captive bead rings of high quality medic-proved materials. Screws and studs (bones) are more preferable after the healing process has been fully completed. You may choose also some L-shaped pins or circular barbells, segment rings or nose hoops to adorn yourself which are present at our piercing jewelry store in a great amount of forms, colors and materials.

bridge piercingThe Bridge piercing is located at the top of the nose between the eyes which is called the bridge and done through the small flap of skin and not through the bone as it seems. This type of the nose piercing is also referred to as the Earl piercing after the man who was the first one to wear it. Straight barbells are more common to be used as accessories for the bridge punctures. Curved barbells are less favorite items and sometimes circular barbells are worn as well.

The Septum piercing is performed through the small skin ridge just underneath the cartilage which is dividing nostrils at the bottom of the nose. Circular barbells, pinchers and captive bead rings are the excellent variants to decorate your nasal septum. They are made in a great variety of materials, sizes and shapes to every taste and style.

septum piercingAll these perforation types look very attractive and really smart. At our nasal piercing jewelry collection everyone can find something to his taste. We offer the recent and most stylish designs of the nose piercing items which are produced from the highest quality materials such as 316L surgical stainless steel, nickel-free 14k gold (yellow and white), 925 sterling silver, grade 5 titanium and others. You can buy something classical and decorated with small colorful jewels or choose more advanced and unordinary product with additional parts of various shapes. A vast range of precious or imitating stones (cubic zirconia, swarowski) are available for you as well.

If necessary with your work or other occasions when piercing elements are not welcome you may buy piercing retainers at our Online Piercing Shop and hide your nose piercing using them when desired. We also offer you nose piercing starter kits to make you piercing process and healing period more comfortable and safe.

Choose any piercing jewelry you like and enjoy your new image!

When speaking about piercing not only the ear piercing comes to our mind first, but the nose piercing also occurs to us at once. And it is not surprising as the nose piercing has been a part...